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Printer stand. A faithful guardian of your hard-working hardware - Photoopia

Printer stand. A faithful guardian of your hard-working hardware

Updated: 2023-08-19

Your printer is an expensive machine used regularly and is susceptible to damage if it is not cared for. When you have a printer, you have to care for it, and an ideal way how to care for your printer is to get a dedicated printer stand. 

If you don’t have a printer stand, your printer will be sitting on your desktop, which may cause your printer to tip over easily! A printer stand is a must if you want to keep your printer safe and functional (not a bad idea for teachers, students, or businesses). 

A stand will give your printer a stable, secure and stylish place to sit on your desk or near it. It is also an easy way to organize a printer and start saving space in your room or at the office.

Table of Contents

Printer stand advantages

To sum it up before we go into some details, what are some apparent benefits of the printer stands?s

  • The stand frees up space in your office or home. This is a very efficient and practical solution that is relatively inexpensive, but you have to think twice when buying the stand for the first time. While it does free up space on your desk, it can sometimes hinder ergonomics.
  • The printer stand allows for easy access for loading paper for the printer. People often tend to look at a printer as a bit of a black box. Sometimes even an enemy. However, with the right kind of stand, you’ll be able to access the paper inside with ease. If you use a stand for your office or home printer, you can load paper effortlessly without worrying about getting fingerprints on them. You can also keep paper clips, business cards that you use for your clients or yourself, and other accessories in this holder, so everything is easily accessible.
  • The stand keeps the printer secure and reduces the risk of accidentally knocking it over. It keeps the printer from moving around and makes sure it’s stable. It’s essential to keep your printer above or right under the desk and not on the floor, as it will stay a lot cleaner when you do so. If you want to make sure that your printer remains safe from dust, moisture and temperature fluctuations, then you should look for a printer stand that has a protective cover.
  • The printer stand allows the printer to be at a comfortable height, making it easier for adults and children alike to use when printing. Finally, you can now sit at your desk and print documents without having to bend down every time you need to print. You can keep all of your paperwork neatly organized and accessible from one place.

Printer stand ergonomics

A stand is a stand, right? Well, no!

It turns out there’s a lot to this seemingly simple concept. Printer stands come in a myriad of sizes, styles, and configurations for starters. Some are tall and narrow, while others are short and squat.

There are printer stands that swivel to accommodate landscape and portrait formats, and some have trays and drawers to store a plethora of office supplies.

Folding stands collapse or fold for storage, while others are freestanding, taking up a lot of desktop space.

If you’re like most people, you’ve had a lower back pain episode at some point in your life. While this is a minor discomfort for some, others suffer from chronic back pain, which can be debilitating.

Much like the standing desk, the printer stand is one of the most popular items for people who want to reduce back pain and improve posture.

Unlike standing desks, printer stands are inexpensive and widely available. Not only will it keep your printer at the correct height, but it will also keep it safe from pets and kids who can potentially damage the printer.

Fixed vs adjustable printer stands

Whether you are looking for a printer for your home or office, you would probably want something that is simple and functional. And the fact remains that there are two different kinds of stands available for you to choose from: a fixed printer stand and an adjustable stand.

The fixed printer stand goes along with a permanent frame height and permanent tray size and placement. The printer is usually situated on the top tray, while lower trays are used to store paper and other printing materials.

On the other hand, the adjustable printer stand includes a plate, frame, and trays that can be adjusted to different heights and accommodate different printer sizes.

Under desk printer stands

Some people like to keep their printer on a desk in the corner of the room for easy access, while others like to keep it in a cupboard or drawer. No matter where you place your printer, it is likely that its placement will affect the way it functions.

Placing it in a drawer could cause it to get too hot and spoil your printouts, while placing it under a desk will put a strain on the printer, rendering it potentially functioning poorly.

If you opt for an under desk printer, stand always make sure you leave enough space between the printer and the desk, as well as the walls on the sides.

Many under desk printer stands are poorly made and do not provide enough room for the printer to fit under the desk. This can lead to problems down the road.

Under desk printer shelves

Holding on to your printer is no easy feat. Not only is the device a heavy beast, but it’s also not exactly ideal to have to manage a bunch of other office supplies around it. To secure the printer, you need a robust shelf that’s designed to hold it on top while also giving you the flexibility to organize your other office needs underneath (or vice versa).

The shelf must have a strong structure that can hold the printer and not break down under the weight. It also must withstand the heat that the printer radiates and the force of the cords that can fall out of the printer as you pull it out on use.

Adjustable shelves are also available in this category, and preferred should be hardwood shelves or melamine laminate shelves. 

Sometimes the printer stand comes in the form of a vertical mount/support that allows a printer to hang over the edge of a table or counter, enabling you to place items on the surface below.

Having the printer’s weight suspended above the table also gives you more room to work, and we can use the adjustable printer stand to support printers with a range of widths and heights.

Desktop printer stands

While the rise of desktop printers means that a good, sturdy stand is no longer an essential purchase, if you’ve got a good printer, it’s worth spending a little extra on a shelf or riser to make sure you don’t damage it. Most brands will include one in the box, but if you find that the one included is too flimsy, or not tall enough, or doesn’t offer you enough options for cable organization, replacing it with a third-party option might be a good idea.

There are many reasons why you would want to raise your printer above the desk. A printer stand will give you more working room, and keeping your printer elevated can help reduce the vibrations that can cause it to print less accurately. You can also get a printer stand to hold more than one printer if you need to.

Wheeled printer? No problem with a printer cart

Standalone printer stands with wheels or casters are convenient for business use because it is easy to transport the printer from one workplace to another if necessary. It can even be moved from the office to the showroom or out for an outdoor application.

Plastic, wood or metal stands?

Printer stands are made from various materials, including plastic, wood, and metal. The material used in the stand depends on the type of printer that you will place on it. However, durability, ease of assembly, and style are important considerations, regardless of the material used.

Wooden printer stands – the elegant classics

There is a printer in just about every home, and for most people, it is an all-in-one printer that can prsint, scan, and fax. Offering a space for paper storage and a convenient place to drop and scan documents, a printer stand is a functional and attractive addition that can double as a lovely piece of furniture. Some models are designed with the printer out in the open while others are kept out of sight with the printer hidden on a shelf inside the stand.

With an elegant wooden printer stand, you can convert your printer from an eyesore to an elegant piece of furniture that matches the décor of the rest of the office.

Plastic printer stands – the budget alternative

Although many models are made of wood, plastic stands are also available, offering many of the same conveniences and style at a lower price.

A printer stand made of plastic is inexpensive and easy to assemble, making it a good choice if you are on a budget. 

Metal printer stands – your heavy-duty partner

These stands are made from a sturdy metal frame that can withstand any bumps and bangs without needing to be replaced. Businesses such as auto detailing and crafters will especially love this style of stand because of the heavy-duty materials.

Business owners will enjoy the sleek and stylish design that will look great in any office. The compact nature of this type of printer stand will free up your valuable table space.