How to trigger a flash off camera?

Kitty trigger

The world of photograhphy has come a long way in terms of technology, and the invention of remote triggers for off-camera flashes has helped to revolutionize the art of photography. Remote triggers allow photographers tot ake their creativity to new levels with innovative lighting techniques that would otherwise be impossible to capture. Off-camera flashes provide … Read more

How to use an off camera flash outdoors

Off Camera Flashes Outdoors

Using offcamera flash can be a challeging yet rewarding phothography technique for both professional and amateur photographers. Whether you´re a wedding photographer who looksfor a unique way to capture tho wedding special moments, or a landscape photographer who looks for a way to create unique lighting, off-camera flalsh can be incredibly beneficial to your photography. … Read more

Fun with fisheye portraits

Fisheye portrait carousel

Fisheye portrait photography is a unique and creative way to capture amazing shots of your subjects. By taking intentional advantage of the natural distortion of the wide-angle lens, photographers can create interesting compositions with a unique perspective. This type of photography allows you to move beyond the traditional head-and-shoulders portrait and to get creative with … Read more

18% grey card for white balance and exact exposure


All professional photographers use the grey card, which is a scratch resistant cardboard or plastic rectangle, usually A5 in size. The colour of the card corresponds to 18% grey (or gray in UK) according to the Kodak scale, that is why they are sometimes called Kodak grey cards. The gray cards are sold separately or … Read more

What aperture to use? What is aperture priority? Understanding aperture, shutter speed and ISO

What is aperture in photography?

The word photography has its roots in two Greek words, “photos” (light) and “graphos” (to write). So, photography is the art of writing with light. We can trace the history of photography back to the early 1800s. It is considered the first art form to be developed for mass production. When starting with photography, once … Read more