How to use an off camera flash outdoors

Off Camera Flashes Outdoors

Using offcamera flash can be a challeging yet rewarding phothography technique for both professional and amateur photographers. Whether you´re a wedding photographer who looksfor a unique way to capture tho wedding special moments, or a landscape photographer who looks for a way to create unique lighting, off-camera flalsh can be incredibly beneficial to your photography. … Read more

How to choose a detachable external camera flash

Choosing the best detachable camera flash light

Pretending natural light is not easy when the lighting conditions require you to use the flash and you don’t want the viewer to recognize it. However, with a detachable external camera flash and a little effort, you can achieve this and the results can be surprisingly good. Not all Flashes are created equal It is fair … Read more

A flash, a speedlight and a strobe. What’s the difference?

Flash vs Speedlight

With the advancement of technology and the emergence of new and improved cameras, it’s easier than ever to capture high quality images in all kinds of light. A photographer can now take a photo of a wedding in broad daylight and have it come out perfectly exposed, or shoot a photo in the middle of … Read more