Refillable Toners and Inks. Sustainable Savior or Marketing Buzz?

Refillable Toners and Inks. Sustainable Savior or Marketing Buzz?

Did you know, that nearly 375 million* empty ink and toner cartridges are thrown away every year? That’s a staggering number, isn’t it? And what’s even more surprising is that each cartridge can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. Now, imagien if we could reduce that waste by simply refilling our cartridges. Sounds like … Read more

The Art and Science of Printer Ink Density and Saturation

printer ink density

The color density of your printed images can make or break the final look, that’s true! Printer ink density and saturation are like the secret spice in printing process. They control how vibrant and rich the colors appear on paper. In this article, we’ll explore three fascinating aspects of this topic: the sceince behind ink … Read more

How Does a Printer Ink Cartridge Work?

How does the printer ink cartridge work?

People have been using inkjet printers for quite some time, but do you know the technology behind printer ink cartridges? The ink cartridges are not just ink containers The printer ink cartridges are not just containers of ink. They also have special mechanisms that enable them to store, transport, and distribute ink. In addition, the … Read more

How to refill inkjet cartridges. Basic guide

Refilling inkjet cartridges

Nowadays, almost all inkjet printers use ink cartridges. These are small plastic containers that hold the printer ink. When the ink cartridge is empty, the printer reads the cartridge’s chip and signals the computer to print. When it comes to printing, the type of ink cartridge you use is often overlooked. The wrong ink cartridge … Read more

Local printer vs. network printer. Dedicated vs. shared printers.

Natwork printers vs local printers

It may seem obsolete to print information on paper, especially when business is increasingly dominated by cloud computing and file sharing. However, many industries still depend on printing to communicate with clients and coworkers. When it comes to printing, there are several options available to you. Choosing the appropriate type of equipment for your company … Read more

Keeping your inkjet printer cartridges at the right temperature can help it perform better

It's hot at work

Given their relatively low price tag, inkjet printers are surprisingly durable machines. These printers are inexpensive, easy to use, and provide high-quality prints and they can stand up to repeated use. Whether you’re using it in your home office or in a business environment, an inkjet printer can be a reliable and cost-effective solution. Nonetheless, … Read more