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Troubleshooting a Printer or Copier - Photoopia

Troubleshooting a Printer or Copier

Updated: 2021-06-23

What to Do When Your Printer or Copier Acts Up?

Many issues that occur with an office copier or printer can only be fixed by a professional. However, there are a number of other minor issues that may come up that are easy to fix without any special tools or training.

Try these tips to troubleshoot some of the more frequent and annoying copier and printer problems you find yourself faced with.

Troubleshooting Error Codes

Problems with copiers and printers sometimes occur along with an error code displayed on the digital screen on the front of the machine. These codes contain valuable information, but if room on the screen is limited, they may use abbreviations or jargon that make them difficult to decipher.

However, don’t give up on the error code right away as it often contains valuable information. Consult the manual for the machine. It will tell you what the code means, and often explain exactly how to fix the problem.

Troubleshooting printer error codes

Troubleshooting Paper Jams

Paper jams are a common problem that occurs when the printer or copier tries to pull more than one sheet of paper through the feed. This happens on nearly all machines from time to time, usually when the machine becomes overheated.

Jams can generally be cleared by hand, simply by pulling the jammed paper out of the rollers or gears. Depending on the location of the jam, it may be possible to pull it out through the paper tray or print tray. However, it is deep inside the machine you may still be able to find it by looking behind the print cartridge or taking the cover off the machine.

Issueas with Replacing the Toner

Toner cartridges have to be replaced sooner or later on all machines. How you go about it depends on the configuration of cartridges in your machine. Some printers and copiers have separate cartridges of black and colored inks.

These cartridges can be pulled out separately as each particular color runs low, which saves money in the long run. Others can be refilled by taking them to office supply stores with a print center.

Disposable plastic ink cartridges can be recycled by sending them back to the manufacturer or by partnering with a participating retailer.

Network Printer Problems

If your printer or copier is on a computer network, connection problems can affect the machine. If print jobs are not going through or only going through intermittently, check the wires and router that connect the printer to the computers on the network. If all the hardware is working correctly, the problem may be with the software.

Visit the website of your printer’s manufacturer and search for the most up-to-date drivers. Install these on the network to solve minor printing glitches.

Canon printer hard reset

Streaking or Fading Print Jobs

Several different issues can cause print jobs to appear streaked or faded. You may need to adjust the printer settings, or the inside of the printer may be dirty.

Check the settings first, reset them. If your copies are coming out too light or too dark, it means your density controls on your copier are imbalanced, in which case all you’ll have to do is reset them.

If print jobs still don’t look right, clean the print heads inside the printer. Use rubbing alcohol and soft cloth for cleaning.

Before calling for a professional repair person, or spending time waiting for tech support, try some of these simple solutions of common copier and printer problems.

What to do when there are spots on the pages?

If you’re using a copier and you’re noticing random dots across your copies, it’s most likely due to debris on the copy mirror. This is fixed by simply cleaning the copy glass and mirror.