Notification of change of owner and admin of the website

Updated: 2023-09-02

Dear readers,

you will have noticed that Alan, the founder and original owner of has not been posting new posts for quite some time. The reason is not his laziness or loss of enthusiasm. It’s much more prosaic, the reason is his health condition.

Alan is now spending all the necessary time treating a long-standing illness that prevents him from devoting himself to on a regular basis. As long-time friends, we have agreed that I, Viliam, will take over the work on Photoopia permanently from August 2023. I firmly believe that this will be to the satisfaction of us all.

I wish Alan a fast recovery and robust health and hope to see his articles on again soon. And I promise you all that I will give my full attention, and I will do everything I can to make Photoopia as great a place as it was in the past.


The contact e-mail remains unchanged (a[at]