Why my printer keeps jamming every time I print?

Updated: 2022-03-01

Is your printer jammed?

All users experience printer jams at some point. Fortunately, most of them can be easily resolved by removing the jam and restoring the machine to its original condition. A jammed printout may need to be replaced in some cases, especially if the document is important or a business letter.

The jamming of a printer is often a minor nuisance, but if it is not handled properly it can become a major issue. It is important that you handle it appropriately in order to prevent damage to your printer and other printer hardware.

Why Do Printer Paper Jams Occur?

There is a problem with your paper

If you’ve got a printer that seems to keep jamming, it could be because you’re using the wrong kind of paper. It is usually sufficient to use regular paper to prevent printer problems. Paper that is thicker, folded, or cardboard can cause jams, and it is imperative that you know which kind of paper will work best with your printer.

An overloaded tray

In order to avoid jams and to avoid wasting paper, keep the paper tray from becoming full. If you pile up too much paper of any kind, it will make it more likely that something will jam.

Be sure that the paper is placed correctly in the printer and that the tray is fully loaded to prevent paper jams and misfeeds. Also, make sure that the paper is wide enough to fit the printer tray. If it is not, it will likely jam the printer.

There is an object in the printer

I recommend that you check your printer for any foreign objects that may be causing jams. You may find one overlooked piece of paper from last time, a sticky note or paper clip, left behind by someone in your office.

Too many printing commands at once

If nothing happens when you give the printing command, don’t repeat it. You may need to restart the printer if the problem persists. Multiple printing commands may cause a paper jam if there is a temporary problem.

Dust collects on the paper pickup rollers

Dust could be responsible for clogging rollers and jamming the machine. Several printers come with cleaning tools that can make the task of cleaning the rollers easier. It is recommended that you do this at least once a month or if the rollers are dirty. Before performing this procedure, please turn off the printer.

There is a problem with the printer’s software or hardware

You check the printer, but there is no paper in it. You can’t find any other reasons why the paper is not coming out. In some cases, the printer may signal “paper jam” when there is no paper jam. Try restarting the printer if it keeps showing the message.

Even though your printer is covered by warranty, sometimes parts need to be replaced due to unexpected problems. It is best left to the professionals. Give them a call as soon as you can if you have a hardware printer issue!

Recap: What To Do When Printer Paper Jams?

Modern printers are prone to paper jams. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but it’s easy to fix. The jamming of the printer can be fixed on your own if the cause is common. If the printer has suffered hardware damage or internal damage, you should call a professional to fix the paper jam. A malfunctioning printer can be repaired in a number of ways.  

Generally, printer jams caused by false paper loading are caused by paper sticking together or incorrect paper loading. Make sure the paper is loaded into the input tray correctly in order to avoid such issues.

When the paper sheets are not flat in the paper tray, jamming can occur. The most common reasons for a paper jam are a folded piece of paper, a torn sheet, or a piece of paper that is too large.

There are lots of reasons why a paper tray can jam, but one of the most common is overfilling it. 

The rollers on the printer pull the sheets out of the input tray. Although they are designed for extended use, they can be damaged. Damaged rollers can cause paper jams. 

When printers are not used often enough, they may be left on overnight, causing dust to build up in the device and resulting in jamming or other failures. You can prevent this by turning off the printer before leaving work or before going to sleep!

During the printing process, printing equipment is susceptible to wear and tear. It is not only indirect damages, but also direct failures such as broken parts, which can be caused by paper jams.

The printer says it is jammed but there is no paper. What do I do?

Sometimes printers get stuck with something, and they don’t always notify you when that happens. Some of them emit beeping noises, and others display messages on a screen saying things like “Clear the jam and press OK.” They may even start blinking lights. 

You need to check manually whether this is a real or a false paper jam. When the paper is stuck in the input tray, it may be a real jam, but if there is no paper inside the printer, then it may be a false alarm.

Different brands offer different solutions for the problem, but you can try a few simple fixes to fix the problem.

Check to see if the printer is actually jammed or if it’s a false claim. In the event of a false claim, you can restart or reset the printer.