ID card printers. Choosing the right plastic material for your print.
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ID card printers. Choosing the right plastic material for your print.

The materials that you use for your cards make a big difference. Choosing which plastic cards to buy for your printer can be overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of types of cards on the market. In this post I would like to show you what materials cards are made out of and how to choose…

Direct thermal printing and thermal transfer printing, what is the difference?

Two main thermal printing methods Thermal transfer printing and direct thermal printing are both methods of printing images on a variety of materials. However, there are some important differences between the two, and understanding those differences will help you determine which technology is best for your application. One of the most important differences is that…

Samsung Galaxy S21 pixel binning and how it helps smart phone photography?

What is pixel binning? When you want the highest resolution possible from your camera, pixel binning is a technique that allows you to capture a large number of pixels in a small sensor image. The “pixel” in pixel binning refers to the individual photo sensors that make up the sensor array inside a digital camera….

Rotogravure Printing

The Easter Parade, Judy Garland, and rotogravure In the Easter Parade, the 21st film to win an Academy Award for best picture, Don Hewes (Fred Astaire) sings to Sally Adams (Judy Garland) – “On the avenue, Fifth Avenue, the photographers will snap us, and you’ll find that you’re in the rotogravure.” Easter Parade is a…