Beginner telescope for photography

Beginner telescope for photograpy

A popular question among amateur astronomers (and astrophotographers) is whether you should invest in a telescope or not. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer. There are many factors that come into play, such as your budget, your location and your desired outcome. You’ll want to talk to someone who has been in your shoes before … Read more

Why my printer keeps jamming every time I print?

Paper Jams

Is your printer jammed? All users experience printer jams at some point. Fortunately, most of them can be easily resolved by removing the jam and restoring the machine to its original condition. A jammed printout may need to be replaced in some cases, especially if the document is important or a business letter. The jamming … Read more

18% grey card for white balance and exact exposure


All professional photographers use the grey card, which is a scratch resistant cardboard or plastic rectangle, usually A5 in size. The colour of the card corresponds to 18% grey (or gray in UK) according to the Kodak scale, that is why they are sometimes called Kodak grey cards. The gray cards are sold separately or … Read more

A flash, a speedlight and a strobe. What’s the difference?

Flash vs Speedlight

With the advancement of technology and the emergence of new and improved cameras, it’s easier than ever to capture high quality images in all kinds of light. A photographer can now take a photo of a wedding in broad daylight and have it come out perfectly exposed, or shoot a photo in the middle of … Read more

What is a printer developer?

What is a toner developer on a laser printer?

A laser printer requires three primary parts: the drum assembly; the developer unit; and the toner hopper. All three must work in concert to produce clean, sharp text and graphics. If any one part fails, the entire printer will not function properly. That’s why it is so important to keep all three components in top … Read more