Local printer vs. network printer. Dedicated vs. shared printers.

Natwork printers vs local printers

It may seem obsolete to print information on paper, especially when business is increasingly dominated by cloud computing and file sharing. However, many industries still depend on printing to communicate with clients and coworkers. When it comes to printing, there are several options available to you. Choosing the appropriate type of equipment for your company … Read more

How to trigger a flash off camera?

Kitty trigger

The world of photograhphy has come a long way in terms of technology, and the invention of remote triggers for off-camera flashes has helped to revolutionize the art of photography. Remote triggers allow photographers tot ake their creativity to new levels with innovative lighting techniques that would otherwise be impossible to capture. Off-camera flashes provide … Read more

Budget Glossy Photo Papers. Are they worth it

When it comes to low-cost glossy photo papers, there are several reasons why you might choose them over more expensive options. First (of course), they tend to be much cheaper than premium paper types, making them a great option for those looking to save money. Theya re easy to use and require no special equipment … Read more

How to use an off camera flash outdoors

Off Camera Flashes Outdoors

Using offcamera flash can be a challeging yet rewarding phothography technique for both professional and amateur photographers. Whether you´re a wedding photographer who looksfor a unique way to capture tho wedding special moments, or a landscape photographer who looks for a way to create unique lighting, off-camera flalsh can be incredibly beneficial to your photography. … Read more

Keeping your inkjet printer cartridges at the right temperature can help it perform better

It's hot at work

Given their relatively low price tag, inkjet printers are surprisingly durable machines. These printers are inexpensive, easy to use, and provide high-quality prints and they can stand up to repeated use. Whether you’re using it in your home office or in a business environment, an inkjet printer can be a reliable and cost-effective solution. Nonetheless, … Read more

Fun with fisheye portraits

Fisheye portrait carousel

Fisheye portrait photography is a unique and creative way to capture amazing shots of your subjects. By taking intentional advantage of the natural distortion of the wide-angle lens, photographers can create interesting compositions with a unique perspective. This type of photography allows you to move beyond the traditional head-and-shoulders portrait and to get creative with … Read more

How to choose a detachable external camera flash

Choosing the best detachable camera flash light

Pretending natural light is not easy when the lighting conditions require you to use the flash and you don’t want the viewer to recognize it. However, with a detachable external camera flash and a little effort, you can achieve this and the results can be surprisingly good. Not all Flashes are created equal It is fair … Read more

ZINK (Zero-Ink) – the inkless printing technology


Have you ever wanted to print a photo, but you didn’t want to spend the money on ink? Luckily, there’s a  technology called ZINK (ZeroINK) or inkless printing, which allows you to print a photo without having to spend any money on ink. Inkless printing has been around for some time now and, honestly, it’s … Read more

Edible ink

Edible ink

Today, I would like to start a new series of edible printing articles. Over time, we will go through everything we know about edible images, special edible printers, and standard printers compatible with edible components. The very next article will focus on edible printing paper, but the topic for the very first article in this … Read more