Notification of change of owner and admin of the website

Dear readers, you will have noticed that Alan, the founder and original owner of has not been posting new posts for quite some time. The reason is not his laziness or loss of enthusiasm. It’s much more prosaic, the reason is his health condition. Alan is now spending all the necessary time treating a … Read more

Print, Protect, Repeat. Best Practices for Network Printer Security

In today’s digital age, we regularly focus on securing our computers and mobile devices. But, did you know that office printers can be a major security hole in your precious corporate network? Yep, those machines that spit out sensitive documents can be gateway for cyber attacks. While they might seem harmless, printers have evolved into … Read more

How to choose a photo printer

Giclee print Mona Lisa

Do you really need a photo printer? Photography has become an integral part of our lives – as cell phone cameras have gotten better, so has our ability to capture important moments. Because of this, the demand for a convenient way to print photos has increased along with it. Luckily, the world of photo printouts … Read more

The advantages of laser printers over inkjets. Why are laser printers so desireble?

Why choose laser printer over an inkjet?

If you are looking for a printer, you will have the option of choosing between a laser printer and an inkjet printer. The majority of people will suggest choosing the former option. When you think of laser printers, what comes to your mind? This is the technological wonder that can turn any piece of paper … Read more

How Does a Printer Ink Cartridge Work?

How does the printer ink cartridge work?

People have been using inkjet printers for quite some time, but do you know the technology behind printer ink cartridges? The ink cartridges are not just ink containers The printer ink cartridges are not just containers of ink. They also have special mechanisms that enable them to store, transport, and distribute ink. In addition, the … Read more

Printer DPI explained

All about printer DPI

When choosing a home or office printer, most people look primarily at the price, while a minority look at print speed and ink consumption. Almost no one, however, takes into account the DPI value. This determines the quality of the resulting print.  What is DPI? DPI stands for dots per inch, the number of dots … Read more

How to refill inkjet cartridges. Basic guide

Refilling inkjet cartridges

Nowadays, almost all inkjet printers use ink cartridges. These are small plastic containers that hold the printer ink. When the ink cartridge is empty, the printer reads the cartridge’s chip and signals the computer to print. When it comes to printing, the type of ink cartridge you use is often overlooked. The wrong ink cartridge … Read more