How to Identify High Yield vs Standard HP Toner Cartridges

Updated: 2023-08-19

For printer users who own an HP LaserJet Printer at home or uses one at the office, high yield laser toner cartridges would be a very familiar term to you.

These are the printer consumables used by your HP laser printers to produce printouts. It works through the main printer’s laser component drawing an exact copy of the digital document or image on the photo-receptor drum, and distributing the toner powder from its cartridge into the paper then is melted into it as the paper passes through the printers heat rollers.

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Look for “A” or “X” in the cartridge product code

Each HP toner cartridge either OEM, compatible or remanufactured, is labeled with a specific product code for the printer users to identify which HP toner product is compatible to the HP printer model that they have.

For example, the HP CB435A (HP 35A) is only compatible to LaserJet P1005 and LaserJet P1006.

These labeling method is also used in separating high yield toners from standard cartridges.

High-yield toners and standard yield toner cartridges go with different product codes but is both compatible to a certain HP printer model. Like the HP Q2612A (HP 12A) and HP Q2612X (HP 12X) compatible to LaserJet 1012 and LaserJet 1018, the first one (HP Q2612A) is a standard-yield toner with a standard page capacity while the latter (HP Q2612X) is a high-yield toner with a higher printing page capacity than the former.

Other examples

Replacement HP Black Toner Cartridge for LaserJet P2015 and P2727:

  • HP Q7553A (HP 53A) – standard page capacity = 3000 pages
  • HP Q7553X (HP 53X) – printing page capacity = 7000 pages

Replacement Cartridge for HP LaserJet 5Si and LaserJet 8000:

  • HP C3909A (HP 09A) – standard page capacity = 15,000 pages
  • HP C3909X (HP 09X) – printing page capacity = 17,100 pages

As you can see, manufacturers of replacement HP toner cartridges differentiate their low-yield HP toners and high-yield HP toner cartridges by adding an “A” or “X” at the end of the product code but remain to put the same first five characters on it.

In this way, HP printer users could easily identify one from the other. Hope this information helps you the next time you decide to buy an HP toner cartridge for your LaserJet printer.

How to store your high yield HP toner cartridges properly?

HP toner cartridges are the consumable components of your HP laser printers. As we mentioned above, they contain toner, a powder composed of melt-mixed with engineered-polymer and other chemical substances to produce quality printouts. Beside from HP laser printers, they are also used in HP fax machines, HP multifunction printers and HP MICR printers.

These printer cartridges make it possible for your HP laser printers to work and deliver you solid printouts by its toner being transferred into the paper thru the electrostatic charged drum unit and fused into the paper by heated rollers during the printing process.

And since its consumable, HP printer users tend to stock up HP toner cartridges. But storing them do require proper care, so in this article, we’re going to give you some helpful tips on how to take care of your HP toner cartridges:

  • Keep your genuine toner cartridges sealed and store at room temperature 60 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit or 15 to 26 degrees Celsius. Heat is the number one killer of toner; if left near a heat register, the toner will fuse within the cartridges and will cause blots when used. There’s a greater possibility that it might not work too. Excessive cold or humidity can damage your HP toner cartridges too.
  • Keep your HP toner cartridges away from sunlight. These laser toner cartridges contain light-sensitive components which may be damaged by direct or excessive sunlight.
  • Do not touch your HP toner cartridges’ electric components. As it was said earlier, your HP toner cartridges contain sensitive components that can easily be damage if not handled properly.
  • When replacing them, never try to force your HP toner cartridges in or out of your HP printer. The compatible HP toner cartridge will perfectly fit and work on your HP printer.
  • Take note of your HP toner cartridges shelf life. Though many printer users say that HP toner cartridges can last for a year or two being stored, we definitely recommend them to be used over 18 months. HP toner cartridges have a life expectancy of 24 months, 18 months for its shelf life and 6 months for its install life.