How to Fix Unexpected Power Loss of Printer While Printing

Updated: 2021-06-30

There are many printer problems that can occur at anytime of the day, especially when you do not provide proper maintenance and the right laser toner cartridges or ink cartridges for your machine.

If you print a lot of photos on your printer, you’ve probably experienced the dreaded power loss problem, where the printer shuts off halfway through a print job. This is a frustrating experience, and if you’re printing photos, the downtime can be a major inconvenience.

It’s a phenomenon that is all too common. How do you fix unexpected printer power loss while printing? This is a frequently asked question by many people. The answer is simple by following few steps:

  1. First of all, if you are in the middle of this printer error, then turn off the printer.
  2. Now, turn it on again when you feel that the electricity is stable.
  3. Try to wait for a few seconds if your printer makes odd sounds or if it shows error messages to display a damaged part.
  4. If your printer is a laser printer, perform a maintenance test so that the toner cartridge and drum unit will be cleaned if a spillage occurred.
  5. If it is an inkjet printer, you should also click on the usual cleaning tools then create a test page.

When everything seems to be at the usual printing state, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if there is serious damage that occurred to your printer, then you might want to contact a service center.

Now, you know that prevention is always the best way to avoid problems, so if you know that your place would normally have power losses or disruptions, then plug your printer on a UPS device so that it can still finish its printing job before it finally shuts down properly.

How to solve common printing problems

Quick FAQs

What are Power Outages and why do they occur?

The term “Power Outages” refers to any loss of power that has been caused by a problem with your power supply or infrastructure (damaged power lines), for example.

What are the problems associated with a power outage?

Typically, the issues associated with power outages in modern electronic equipment may only cause a loss of data and not other problems.

What are Voltage Spikes and why do we need to be aware of them?

A voltage spike is similar to a power surge, however, it is more severe and poses the biggest risk to computers and electronics.

In the event of a power outage, what are the consequences?

In addition to data loss, productivity, security, and even profit can all be impacted as a result.

When I have a problem with my electrical supply, what should I do?

Please disconnect all of your equipment.

How does a UPS Device work?

UPS devices (Uninterrupted Power Supply) are much more sophisticated and much more comprehensive than a simple power surge protector, and they are designed to provide protection for electronic equipment against all levels of surges, dips, interference, oscillation, and other similar problems the electronic equipment might encounter.

Are there any risks associated with using electronic equipment during power surges or spikes?

Electronics today are more resilient to damage that may be caused by power outages, surges, spikes, brownouts, and electrical interference, but knowing the risks and precautions is important, especially for businesses that depend on their continued operation.

In which way does a surge protector benefit you?

It is a way of protecting your electronic devices from surges and spikes, minimizing the risks of damage.