How to get more ink out of your cartridge

Updated: 2023-09-02

Having an inkjet printer can really be expensive, but sometimes this is the best option for specific types of printing. A wise move to have savings while owning this printer is to fill it with compatible ink cartridges.

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Compatible ink cartridges are made by third party manufacturers who offer high quality printer supplies at an affordable price. These printer inks are designed to match the prints made by the original inks so the printouts would actually look similar.

However, when you just hate that moment when you need to get a replacement, there are a few ways to force your compatible ink cartridge to print more than usual. Here are some of those really good tips that you can try.

Always choose the text parts to print rather than the images since graphics consume a lot of inks especially when there are too many colors in it. Avoid printing pictures at all, if you do not really need them.

Use the smallest but readable text size for your document

Always set the smallest printable size in your printer software, or you might run out of ink. Make sure that you can still read the printed content even after that. If you have more than one page, print only one copy. When you print, make sure you can also read the text.

If your document contains some graphic objects and the text is not well-readable, make sure you can still read the text after you have printed. If you need to print a large document, print first just few pages, check if thex are OK and readable and only then print the rest.

Black and white prints consume very little ink since they can be printed using just one color. Always use the black ink cartridge for the text parts and avoid adding colored parts since the printer would always have the tendency to mix colors consuming even the other inks that you are not supposed to use. When you set your printer to print in black only, it will only use the black ink for that case.

Use the lowest number of copies

You should actually know how many copies you need and print only that amount. Do not print just to have some reserve copies which you will throw away later anyway. To print multiple pages, it is best to use the automatic feeder so you don’t need to manually insert paper. Don’t forget to check the paper jam when you have printed a lot of pages.

If you want quality, do not try to get the maximum printing speed. If the print speed is too fast, the printer may fail to print correctly or it may consume more paper than necessary. Set the printer to the lowest print speed as possible to consume less ink. If you know that you have a large-format printer that requires more time to print, you can set the print speed as slow as possible and that will save you a lot of time.

Avoid using special functions

Some printers have some special functions like watermarking, which allow you to print messages in the paper. These special functions require additional ink. Therefore, these should be avoided as much as possible.

Avoid printing your text in bold or italics

These two font types require more ink than normal text. Using bold or italics can really increase your cost of printing. If you must use bold or italic fonts, choose a light version for the text.

When you are printing a document, print it from the bottom to the top to avoid wasting paper by printing the pages with unnecessary white space at the top. This will save you more paper and ink than printing them from top to bottom.

Use the auto-duplex option

If your printer supports the auto-duplex option, use it. This option will automatically print both sides of the paper when needed and saves time by not having to turn the page manually. It can also help reduce waste of paper.

Special inks for special occasions

Special inks for special occasions, like Christmas or birthdays are usually very expensive. If you do decide to purchase them, make sure you only purchase them just before you will use them and in the amount that you will need for that special occasion


Do not hesitate to use your printer especially when it is filled with ink cartridges. Inks are known to dry up when left alone for a long time so try to print at least once a week to keep your printer and the cartridges in good shape.

While you may be tempted to print on different types of papers, it is better to print on just one type of paper. This will save you more money as you don’t have to buy different types of ink. And it will also help you to read what you printed, since the ink will not smudge or smear when wet.

You should also make sure that you print on a good quality paper and that you cut out the paper properly. If you have an automatic paper cutter, it will help you to print on landscape papers by default.

Use a printer tray to avoid spilling ink

When printing, it is important to keep your printer tray clean. When you are printing on a regular basis, you should change the tray regularly so that it does not get too full. It is best if you can keep your printer tray in a clean area of your home or office.

If your printer is old and has been lying in a dust-covered corner for a long time, you may need to change the ink cartridges. If you think that you may need new ink, change them first and then go back to use the old ones for printing later. It is important to take care of your printer as this can make it last longer.

Do not leave your printer alone

If you find that your printer is not printing the way it is supposed to or is having problems, you should fix it immediately. Most people who do not know how to fix a printer have a lot of trouble doing so. If you don’t know how to fix your printer, you can always get help from a friend or family member who knows how to fix it. Just ask for help. If nothing else works, you may also want to try contacting a local repair shop.

These are just some of the many ways that you can do to squeeze out all those inks in your compatible inkjet cartridges. Just be sure to print wisely and you will not have to worry about your printing costs anymore.