How to Clean Printer In 8 easy steps

How to clean printer. General tutorial.

Summer is fast approaching and spring will be ending soon…but have you done “spring cleaning” on your printer? There are actually several types and models of printers and each of these may require a different method for cleaning. So if you’re planning to clean your printer, we suggest that you consult the printer manual first … Read more

Copier and printer consumables: toners, imaging units, drum units or fusers cost money too

copier and printer consumables

Mechanical parts vs consumable parts Printers and copy machines have both mechanical parts and consumable parts. Toner is an example of a consumable part. It is a supply that gets consumed when you use the copy machine or printer. Toner needs to be replaced fairly often depending upon your printer and copier usage. On the … Read more

How to Run an Energy-Efficient Office

Energy-efficient offices

Office buildings utilize an obscene amount of power. In fact, an average of 18% of office energy expenditure derives from office equipment alone.  Today’s office buildings have continued to grow in size and complexity for decades without any corresponding increase in energy efficiency. Building energy consumption is an irreversible trend, and it’s not like we … Read more

The Importance Of Recycling Ink And Toner Cartridges

Ink cartridge recycling

Have you been sending your ink or toner cartridges straight to the garbage bin after use? Well, a lot of people do that. In the United States, more than seven hundred cartridges are being thrown every minute. However, you should know that ink and toner cartridges can be recycled. Sustainable development is the goal of many green advocates and recycling … Read more

Incompatible ink cartridge?

Compatible ink cartridges

Besides buying a remanufactured ink cartridge, your two other options for replacement ink cartridges are OEM or compatible versions. OEM ink cartridges are the ones sold from the manufacturer advertised as being brand new. Compatible cartridges are just that, compatible. These are replacements that duplicate the OEMs for a fraction of the original cost. “Razor … Read more

OEM cartridges vs non-OEM cartridges

OEM printer toners and cartridges vs OEM compatible toners

After waging a continuous war against your trusted office printer and having decided to call in the maintenance service crew, you start to wonder whether the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) compatible toner you recently installed in it may be the reason for this particular breakdown yet again. Though, indeed, getting a genuine printer toner or … Read more

How to clean the inside of your printer?

How to clean the inside of the printer

Most people would think that a printer is meant to be dirty, and is a place that requires minimal maintenance. However, this is not true. Printer manufacturers are particularly good at designing printers that contain components that are not replaceable, and that have components that can slow down the printer’s speed. Cleaning your printer is … Read more