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Your life is full of pictures. Few of them are good enough to be printed, but that doesn’t mean you want to just hoard them on your computer or hard drive.

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Smartphone camera accessories

Smartphone camera accessories

Smartphone cameras are largely responsible for the explosion of photo-sharing services like Flickr, Instagram, and Snapchat and the rise of selfies.And while it’s easy to dismiss smartphone photography as too amateurish – especially given its reputation for poor quality –…

Eco-friendly printing. It’s amazing to print green

Eco-friendly printer

A strong focus on the environment is a theme in many industries. Manufacturers of printers and printer cartridges are no exception. Directly in their production processes, they focus on several aspects that can reduce their environmental impact and ensure sustainable…

Printer DPI explained

All about printer DPI

When choosing a home or office printer, most people look primarily at the price, while a minority look at print speed and ink consumption. Almost no one, however, takes into account the DPI value. This determines the quality of the…

Regular photo size. Does it exist?

A photo print is a great way to display your favorite pictures. However, you may be wondering, “What size of photos can I print?” The answer is that it depends on your camera’s megapixels and the size of the printer…

How to choose a photo printer

Do you really need a photo printer? Photography has become an integral part of our lives – as cell phone cameras have gotten better, so has our ability to capture important moments. Because of this, the demand for a convenient…