Wide format printer (13×19, 18×24, 24×36 inch printers)

What is considered wide/large format printing? What is large format printing? How to define a wide format printer? Many people ask this questions because they might be looking to get large format printing done, and they want to know the parameters. First of all, the term large/wide format is very broad and can vary from … Read more

Rotogravure Printing

The Easter Parade, Judy Garland, and rotogravure In the Easter Parade, the 21st film to win an Academy Award for best picture, Don Hewes (Fred Astaire) sings to Sally Adams (Judy Garland) – “On the avenue, Fifth Avenue, the photographers will snap us, and you’ll find that you’re in the rotogravure.” Easter Parade is a … Read more

Regular photo size. Does it exist?

A photo print is a great way to display your favorite pictures. However, you may be wondering, “What size of photos can I print?” The answer is that it depends on your camera’s megapixels and the size of the printer you are using. For example, if you snap a photo in your digital camera with … Read more

Screen printing machine for home use?

You might be considering buying a screen printing machine to make your own custom t-shirts, posters, banners, and more, to save money, or just have the freedom to design your own artwork. Screen printing is the oldest form of printing in the world. It is the most natural and environmentally friendly printing technique as it … Read more

How to choose a detachable external camera flash

Choosing the best detachable camera flash light

Pretending natural light is not easy when the lighting conditions require you to use the flash and you don’t want the viewer to recognize it. However, with a detachable external camera flash and a little effort, you can achieve this and the results can be surprisingly good. Not all Flashes are created equal It is fair … Read more

Direct thermal printing and thermal transfer printing, what is the difference?

Two main thermal printing methods Thermal transfer printing and direct thermal printing are both methods of printing images on a variety of materials. However, there are some important differences between the two, and understanding those differences will help you determine which technology is best for your application. One of the most important differences is that … Read more

ZINK (Zero-Ink) – the inkless printing technology


Have you ever wanted to print a photo, but you didn’t want to spend the money on ink? Luckily, there’s a  technology called ZINK (ZeroINK) or inkless printing, which allows you to print a photo without having to spend any money on ink. Inkless printing has been around for some time now and, honestly, it’s … Read more

Dye sublimation photo printers

How does the dye sublimation photo printer work? While inkjet printers have been around for many years, dye sublimation printers are a relatively new technology, and you may be wondering how they work. In a dye sublimation printer, a heat source transforms a solid ink into a gas, which the dye sublimation printer then converts … Read more

How to choose a photo printer

Giclee print Mona Lisa

Do you really need a photo printer? Photography has become an integral part of our lives – as cell phone cameras have gotten better, so has our ability to capture important moments. Because of this, the demand for a convenient way to print photos has increased along with it. Luckily, the world of photo printouts … Read more