5 Mistakes To Avoid When Refilling Inkjet Cartridges

Updated: 2023-08-20

Buying ink cartridges for an inkjet printer can be a bit expensive, but it is a necessity. Whether you are a student, run a small business, or work from home, finding out which option is best for printer ink usage is significant.

By using the cartridge refill system of choice, you do not need to wait for the the expensive printer ink in your printer to run out to purchase new cartridges. This is a much cheaper option, and it can help ensure that your printer remains operational.

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The process of refilling ink cartridges can be quite challenging

Most printer users find it challenging to refill inkjet cartridges, which is probably not a task you enjoy. 
A new report from the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) has found that most inkjet printer users find it incredibly challenging to refill the print cartridges they have in their printer. 

According to the RSC, just about 39% of inkjet users have never refilled ink cartridges, while 42% are “not confident” in their ability to do so. However, based on 10,000 UK adults’ responses, the study also found that nearly 25% of the people who use inkjet photo printers have refilled the print cartridge at least twice in the past. (This is about the same percentage of people that have ever bought a new car.)

Fortunately, the process of filling an inkjet cartridge does not have to be very difficult if you can understand the common mistakes in refilling and know how to avoid them. For example, your inkjet cartridge-refilling mission can be a success if you can avoid the following practices.

Trying to refill the ink Too fast

When you are in a hurry is not the time to refill your cartridges. This is not a process that takes too long, but many people try to do it fast because they do it while pressed for time. As much as you might feel the need to rush the refilling process, this can be a big mistake because you are likely to end up creating problems such as clotting in the neck of the cartridge or ink spillage.

You can avoid these problems by injecting the refill ink into the cartridge’s sponges slowly and carefully. Patience will help to ensure complete absorption.

Waiting until the cartridge runs completely dry

One common mistake that people make is waiting until the cartridge is completely dry or empty. This can be problematic in many ways because when you wait until the inkjet printer cartridge runs on empty, the inkjet sponges become dried out, making refilling nearly impossible.

How to refill any ink cartridge

It would help if you tried to refill your cartridges before they reach the “empty” mark. This will help to ensure the free flow of ink from the cartridge. In addition, you can fill the cartridge while it is half-empty to ensure the cartridge is in the best shape.

The ink is injected incorrectly

Another mistake that people make is injecting the ink in one location. When you do this, you can expect problems because it leads to an imbalance in ink distribution. When the ink enters a single location, it does not flow throughout the inkjet’s sponges effectively. This can result in printing problems. 

E.g., some sections of the page coming out in a lighter shade or even failing to print at all. In addition, incorrect injecting can lead to some dried-out areas of the inkjet sponges, and it can cause damage to the printer over time.

Failing to clean the refill syringes

You should make sure to take the time to clean the syringe before refilling it. You may encounter problems during the refilling process if you do not. This is an integral part of the refilling process that has to be done immediately after every refill. Also, make sure your syringes are clean to prevent mixing colors, which can permanently alter your printer’s colors.

Printing immediately after refilling

Avoid starting the print process immediately after refilling your cartridges. 

Sometimes the ink in your printer gets all blotchy and uneven after you refill it. This is because the dried ink spreads out unevenly, often creating an irregular line of solid color. 

The solution is to give the cartridge time to settle. Don’t start printing right away after you refill your cartridge, as the ink will still be dry and spread out unevenly. Instead, give the cartridge a few minutes to settle before you can start printing.

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